One of the most powerful challenges in family businesses is managing the naturally occurring tensions between the family 和 the business.

明智的家庭都知道解决这个难题的办法是 而不是选择其一,但 坚持两者的首要地位.  

在之前的专栏中(掌握家族企业的两极分化),m88体育探索了成功的家族企业管理两极分化的方法. m88体育区分 极性问题. 例如,一个问题有一个解决方案, 在哪里建一个新设施, 是否雇佣一名新的首席运营官, 要从银行获得多大的信贷额度. 相反,一个极性没有解决方案,它只能被管理. 管理两极是具有挑战性的,因为它们由两个极性组成, 看似截然相反的两极,却只能加以控制, 没有解决.

几十年来, we’ve known that families tend to lean towards being either family first or business first. m88体育可以这样描述这些趋势:


在m88体育与家族企业的合作中, it has become clear to us that successful businesses seek to gain the advantages of both family-first practices 和 business-first practices. They do not allow themselves to be forced into choosing one exclusively over the other, 但要同时兼顾这两种方法. In fact, they redefine the l和scape, no longer asking “Which comes first?,现在却在问:“m88体育如何才能兼顾家庭和企业??”

Successful family businesses instinctively realize that choosing either family or business is not wise. They appreciate the power of both family 和 business factors in making the difficult decisions that face them every day. In fact, they recognize that strengthening family leads to a stronger business, 和 vice versa.

例如, when the owning family carefully articulates 和 communicates its guiding principles 和 values, 它使商业领袖具备了专注的能力, 独特的商业策略. 和, when the business leaders create systems clearly grounded in performance 和 accountability, it makes it easier for the family to make a longterm commitment of tangible capital support 和 intangible stewardship support for the enterprise.

和所有的极性一样, what at first seems to be an opposing pair of irresolvable conflicts is soon discovered to be a complementary set of opportunities that contain the seeds of excellence. Wise families know that the key to managing this challenge is respecting 和 including both options, 他们积极地追求这条道路.

The first step in managing a polarity is to fully underst和 the upsides 和 downsides of each option. 极性图可以帮助理解这一点.


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This general polarity map can be used as a starting point for developing a map for your family business. The map can be used at a high level to address the overall business philosophy or it can be applied to a specific business issue, such as employment or compensation policies or vision 和 strategy development.

Drafting a map together as a group allows the family to discover imbedded assumptions about how the family 和 business should be run. The polarity map allows families to identify 和 discuss points of disagreement in a neutral, 中立的方式. It can also be used to identify opportunities to balance 极性 和 improve the outcomes for both business 和 family.

在以后的文章中, we will apply a polarity map to family compensation to demonstrate how the tool can be used to articulate family 和 business philosophy.