Family businesses are an increasingly attractive career choice for the children of business owners—even when more than one child joins the business.  因此, more families than ever before intend to pass on the leadership of their businesses to multiple offspring.  Our surveys of business-owning families show that 40–50 percent will have two or more offspring inheriting the responsibilities of ownership and management.  The challenges of “passing the baton”  are more difficult when several hands stretch to receive it.

  • m88体育如何选择m88体育的孩子成为下一任总统?
  • 这种进退两难的局面是令人苦恼的:其他人会认为m88体育的决定是公平的吗?
  • 管理知识要求一个“首席”,” but can’t we be the exception to the rule and share ultimate responsibility among siblings?

Favoring one child over another is appropriately resisted by parents—but business owner/managers need to designate their successors.  That often means choosing one child for a job of more status, more pay, and more importance.  当生意中有几个后代的时候, 这一决定可能是继任计划中最棘手的障碍.  太多的父母愿意相信,如果他们不面对继承问题, 它会以某种方式自行解决或消失.  其他人成功地解决了这一困境.  Here’s how various family businesses address the question of leadership when they have a choice.

有些父母自己做决定.  其他人则向顾问或董事寻求帮助.  Some will leave the decision of future leadership to the children themselves—rationalizing that since they have to live with it, 他们应该打这个电话.  有几家公司可以分开经营, 大致相等,这样每个孩子都能拥有自己的生意.  但如果你不能把生意分成每个孩子的一部分, 你如何做出领导继任的决定?

当最好的选择已经明确, m88体育通常建议家长尽早任命下一任领导.  例如, when the first child to enter the business is exceptionally proven before his or her siblings get established, 通常最好是做出决定并进行沟通.

提前选择让每个人都有足够的时间来适应选择.  如果有什么不如意的事需要父母帮忙.

Perhaps the most prevalent succession process in nonfamily companies is “survival of the fittest.领先的候选人都在竞争,以证明自己最有资格.  而很少有家庭喜欢兄弟姐妹之间的争斗, 推迟决定或处理问题失败都会产生这样的结果.

带外板, nonfamily directors can provide an objective forum to address succession—both how to and whom to choose.  董事会可以:

  • propose job assignments that help develop successor candidates in light of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • define the most important capabilities of the next CEO, given the company’s future strategic needs;
  • 评估家庭成员的表现;
  • assure everyone that the choice of leadership was fair and based on sound business judgment.

This approach to succession is typical in family businesses that have formed effective boards with outside directors.  毕竟,领导权继承是董事会最重要的职责.

The board can be aided in this process by an ad hoc task force that includes key managers and family shareholders.  而董事会应该承担最终的责任, 工作组可以预见接替过渡中的其他问题.  因为其他组织的变化经常伴随着领导的变化, the task force can consider such matters as roles for the departing CEO and how to communicate changes to the company and the external world.

The successor evaluation process the board designs may create an executive team of all the family members eligible for succession consideration.  兄弟团队可以共同承担公司的领导责任.  随着时间的推移, 团队的“天生领导者”很可能会出现——这对家庭来说是显而易见的, 该组织, 和董事会.  Occasionally, all may agree that the executive team management continue indefinitely.

委员会临时管理工作不顺利或未能明确选择, then the board of directors can step in more actively in the decision-making process.  We believe the best result comes when all next-generation family members achieve clear consensus on the choice through a process overseen and reinforced by an effective board of directors.

无论遵循何种继承过程,无论做出何种选择, the most vulnerable time for the family business comes during and immediately after transition.  No family business leader can be successful without the support and commitment of his or her co-owning siblings to the company’s strategy and leadership.

为了确保成功和继承,兄弟姐妹必须发展成为一个坚实的团队.  公司不会比所有者之间的纽带更牢固.